Sunday, January 24, 2010

City vs. Village

In the international and cosmopolitan society we live in nowadays, I believe that big towns are expanding every year, while small villages in the countryside (their population) are shrinking down. That is why I disagree with the idea that it is better for a child to grow up in the countryside rather than in a big city. I think children should be brought up in town so that they get used to the modern world, the way of life, and the different people.
Kids that grow up in big cities are surrounded with a variety of people, opinions, and arguments. That is why, a child that lives in that sphere turns out to be a sociable, open-minded person. A countryside lifestyle would not bring up that kind of individuals because in villages there are much less people than in towns, and usually these people know each other. This leaves them with no chance of hearing a new opinion or vision and limits them in some way. In my opinion, children should be extroverts that are open to change and feel free to make relationships with new interesting people. Due to this, I think that children should be brought up in a big city in order to fit in with the modern society and with the modern way of thinking.
I believe that life in the countryside is very limited, at least, in my country it is. People from villages are unaware of the modern technologies, the new attitude towards business, or even the new attitude towards people. Due to this reasons, I think that a child should grow up in a big city, so that he/she is taught to the perspective and way of perceiving the world. Since present days society is so international and open for new approaches and development, children of this new century should be aware of their possibilities. I think that living in a big city will provide an opportunity for children to become familiar with and prosper in the modern way of life. Because of this, I think that growing up in a big city is so much better for a child than living in the countryside.

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