Saturday, January 23, 2010

The streets in the capital

I live in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Two months ago I got my driving license and one week after I got my first car. It is a very good one and I love driving it.
In Sofia a common thing to see on the road are holes. Big ones, groups of big and small ones, badly made street and so on. Since I have a car, I have to focus my attention on avoiding the holes, as well as the other cars on the road. Some of them are so tricky, that you have to go through them, in order to avoid the oncoming traffic in the other lane. Almost every driver in the capital knows the feeling, when you hit the front of the car in the asphalt. Since I got my car it seems to me that there is a war between me and the streets. The moment you lose concentration you probably will go through one or two holes. The main boulevards are renovated rarely and if one gets finished, which takes a century, the holes appear back on the street in about six months. This bad quality of the roads in some way improves my concentration, but it is also very expensive.
The car services are full with card that need to be fixed. To this day I was unable to do something bad to my car, but some of my friends and a few relatives of mine have paid a lot of money to fix their cars. While driving I have noticed that every time I go out with the car I will go either through a big hole, either through badly made railings or a shaft that is sticking out of the asphalt. On top of all of that now it is winter and from time to time the whole road system in the capital is under ice. The usual cars that you can see on the road every day are Mercedez, BMW, Audi, and sometimes Porsche and Lexus. These kind of drivers are mad and do not care about the signs and rules. They know that since they drive such cars there will be no problem with the police. This adds more to the whole picture in the city of Sofia; huge holes that can break rims, bad weather, huge traffic jams and mad drivers, with a lot of horse power under the bonnet.`


  1. I AM A VERY angry future driver which express your ideas aboput this problem that has occured in the society.

  2. I agree that this is a very annoying thing. The holes are very bad, but there are also the traffic jams on Alexander Malinov and Orlov Most. But your car is awesome, so you will be okay.