Sunday, January 24, 2010

Portfolio Response

The blog was really a new thing for me. Previous years teachers would use journals or writing in class, but this year was different. Communicating with students from Kentucky was something that I have never thought of. Exchanging experience and knowledge really helped me in school and in my free time. This social experiment was very good and the idea behind it was very interesting. Students from different countries, help each other in writing assignments. At first I was skeptic about the blog but later realized how good it was. Looking through all of the other participants I understood that it was going to be a good opportunity for me to participate after all in the experience. I love writing stories and this portfolio was really interesting and profitable in a way that I have improved my writing style and imagination as well. Last year our English teacher was making us write in journal notebooks, which I liked a lot, but nobody got the chance to read theirs in front of someone. This year it is different. I can share my writing skills with a native speaker and understand my good and bad sides. After all this blogging was a very good idea that helped me develop my skills.

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  1. Hey Vlad, your English is nearly perfect. I believe blogging has enhanced your English skills.