Sunday, January 24, 2010

If i received a land

Ever since I was a little boy I have been asked the question: imagine you get something and you can do whatever you what with it, what you would do? There are million answers to a question put this way. In this case, if I got a land and I could use it as I wish I could do many different changes with it. It depends whether I would use the land for my comfort, for charitable use, or for making money out of it.
If I got a free piece of land I would be happy to build on it a beautiful house with a huge yard. I have always dreamed to live in a house and wander around the garden all day. Using the land for building me the dream home would be a good way to go. On the other hand, I could use my given terrain for making profit out of. I could, for example, invest in constructing an apartment building and sell the apartments and have a great deal of money. I could also simply sell it to a company or even to the state. Maybe I could wait and see how far the prize and value of this land would rise (or fall) and then decide what to turn it into. I think any of these ways would help me profit. Now that I am bigger my parents have more trust in me. They have started leaving me the apartment when they are out of town. It has become as a routine to me to look after the place we live with my mother. I throw parties and invite people to stay over so that I do not stay alone. If someone gives me a land just like that I would probably use it in the right way. Maybe I would build a club or a bar where people would come and I would be the boss.
However, if I got a terrain to use, why should I use it for my comfort when I can help others? I can invest to build on it a hospital or an orphanage or donate the land to the state, with a condition to make use of it by building such institutions. When I think about it, this would be a great plan to use a given land because the places where people can find a shelter are never enough. After all, making people feel happy is one of the best ways to use a gift (the land). By giving them the land I would contribute to the whole situation in our society. The biggest problem is that people cannot find any shelter and the government is not doing anything to help or ease their problems. The quality of the society is seen by the way it takes care of those that do not have where to stay. The way we treat the homeless people is not very good and we should think more about helping them. A lot of people do not care and pass by them without even noticing, but a change needs to be done and more people should give to those, who need it more.
That is why there are many different changes I would do if I was given a land and I could use it for whatever I wished for. I have a million ideas in my head on how to use the land, but I cannot do all of them. An indoor ski-slope or a huge mall, everything depends on the place and where it is located. I could go on and on about what use could I put it in but the truth is that hypothetically people, like me, always come up with ideas but no one knows what they would really do if they get that kind of chance.

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  1. When I think about it, this would be a great plan to use a given land because the places where people can find a shelter are never beach luxury condos